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Private Labeling Label Design Information

Once we have received the order for your new private label supplements there are a few options with your label design.


In-House Label Design:

If you would like Vitalabs to design your label, we offer three graphic packages to choose from.


The Basic Package Includes:

  • A choice of one of our 50+ pre-designed label templates. (Click Here to Choose Your Design)
  • Private label product name (that you provide)
  • Your company name & FDA required distribution information
  • Logo that you provide (must meet specs)


The Standard Package Includes:

  • A custom designed label (based on your provided logo and creative input)
  • 2 hours Art Time** (unlimited revisions within this art time)
  • Private label product name (that you provide)
  • Your company name & FDA required distribution information
  • 25% off 1 (one) Bottle Image of the label designed during this project (1 product/1 angle)


The Advanced Package Includes:

  • A custom graphically intense designed label (based on your provided creative input)
  • 4 hours Art Time** (unlimited revisions within this art time)
  • Custom Logo Design (based on your provided creative input)
  • Private label product name(that you provide)
  • Your company name & FDA required distribution information
  • 50% off 1 (one) Bottle Image of the label designed during this project (1 product/1 angle)




Once the label mockup is complete our art department will email it to the provided email address and await necessary changes or approval on the label design.

Final version will be emailed back to the customer and upon faxed or emailed approval Vitalabs will print labels

After label has been approved and there are further changes needed we work at a rate of $50.00 per hour. (half hour minimum)


Customer Wants To Design Their Own Label - $25 Per Label:

(Price includes proofing and prepress preparation to provided artwork.)
Vitalabs will email to the provided email address all of the text information required by the FDA such as Supplement Facts, Allergen Warning, size of label, Cautions and Suggested Use in .pdf format.
Design File Requirements:
All art work provided must be at least 600dpi built in either Adobe Illustrator (.AI, .EPS), CorelDraw (.CDR), or as a High Res PDF with all font files provided or all text converted to outlines (paths/curves). If unable to provide art work in these formats additional charges may apply. 
Please Note: Labels built in JPG, PSD (photoshop), PDF or any other raster formats will have to be rebuilt at a charge of $50.00 per hour.
We also need the (Distributed By:) information that you would like listed on your label. (company name, *domestic address or phone number city, state and zip code are required)

*NOTE: Section 403(y) of the FFD&C Act (21 U.S.C. 343(y)) requires the label of a dietary supplement being marketed in the United States to include "a domestic address or domestic phone number through which the responsible person ... may receive a report of a serious adverse event with such dietary supplement." If the label does not include the required domestic address or phone number, the dietary supplement is misbranded. The FDA will be enforcing this code January 1st 2010., a full address or phone number is required.

Printer Information:
  • Adobe Illustrator, Corel X7, High Res PDF
  • Minimum font size is 4.5pt.
  • Fonts should be outlined or send font files with design file
  • #3 Rewind
  • 3” Core
  • PC only (Mac files are not currently accepted)
  • 1/8 inch bleed

Please note: Colors may vary between monitor and when label is actually printed. If color and clarity are crucial please request a mailed sample of the label before proceeding with your order. We do have the capability to send the label to a print company that will have much higher quality printing along with a laminate coating for a nominal increase in price depending on the size and quantity of the label.

Once art work is completed by the customer they can email the file(s) to
Labels must be proofed by Vitalabs once they are sent back to us to ensure they correspond with product and FDA requirements. If changes are needed we will send an email with the changes that are needed back to the provided email address one time. If customer would rather Vitalabs make the changes there will be a charge based on the changes that need to be made.


Customer Wants To Send Printed Labels:

If customer would like to send printed labels into our facility for one of the products they have ordered Vitalabs must proof the label before accepting for production to make sure label corresponds with all product and FDA requirements.

For proofing, please email the file(s) to


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