3 Step Private Labeling Process - Private Label Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements
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3 Step Private Labeling Process

Step 1: Choose your products

Tablet, hard shell capsule, sustained release, enteric coated... you may or may not know the specifics of what makes a top selling, top performing formula – but why bother? Vitalabs already has over 240 stock formulations that have been tested and proven to be the very best quality and value available. After all, we've been selling millions of products for over 40 years.

The only thing you need to do is choose which products you’d like to label with your brand. And – if you find that our stock formulas just don’t cut your nutritional mustard - rest easy. Vitalabs offers custom formulations designed specifically by you, for you!

Step 2: Establish your brand

Whether you are a long standing supplement supplier with a well established brand or a start-up company – Vitalabs is designed to offer you the ultimate flexibility and artistic quality. With our dedicated, in-house art department – Vitalabs can take your design from concept to completion. We offer custom label design in three convenient design packages. From there we can also produce professional quality labels in-house.

Click here to find out more about private label designs.

If you are looking to mass produce your labels, Vitalabs has established long term vendor relationships with massive print houses that can produce anywhere from one hundred thousand to well over a million labels in just a few days.

Step 3: Fulfillment

You can rest easy knowing that Vitalabs can fulfill your orders both accurately and efficiently. Utilizing multiple quality checkpoints and a professionally trained staff of over 100 – our facility is always running top notch. Our extensive resources and time tested logistical methodologies allow us to offer complete product fulfillment. From packaging, bottling, labeling, sealing, to shipping – Vitalabs is your one-stop-shop for supplement fulfillment.

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