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Why Private Label?

3 Reasons to Private Label Your Line of Nutritional Supplements


#1 Build Your Name, Build Your Brand

Often times introducing a new product puts a large demand on the entrepreneur to not only successfully produce a winning product but also market the product successfully. When private labeling with Vitalabs, we minimize your risk by allowing you to choose from over 240 proven stock formulations. Vitalabs also helps you establish your brand. Our in-house art department will work hand-in-hand with you to create an eye-catching label for each product you choose to market.

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#2 Take Control

Instead of selling someone else’s product – sell yours! With Vitalabs private labeling you can instantly create and distribute your branded products.

#3 Make More Money

Selling proven products that you do not have to manufacture yourself allows you to start selling nutritional products with nearly zero start-up cost. You also have access to distributor level pricing, giving you the opportunity to mark-up your products to 200% or even 300% your cost. Combine the cost savings with the cost benefit of a low-risk start-up and you have a winning combination for success!

Are You Ready?

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